Minneapolis Grain Elevator Kitchen Condo Renovation


A non-traditional building like a grain elevator turned condo is a location that already benefitted from fresh thinking. So when it came time to remodel the kitchen and eating areas, we couldn’t have been more excited to bring new ideas.

With the overall renovation space being round, the entire remodel needed to work within that unique shape. Thus forcing originality at every turn. Everything had to follow the circular nature of the overall space.

So the cabinetry was specifically conceived and created to both conform to the shape of the space and to bring the space to life. All with an overall contemporary design sense.

The remodeled eat-in kitchen is inviting and useful, yet beautiful and unique. The finishes included custom furniture, zebra wood and other unique finishes.  Even the layout of the furniture followed the circular nature of the space.

Suffice it so say, we’re proud to have taken this grain elevator condo renovation to new heights of design, functionality and beauty.