New Custom Home on Lake Cornelia

Creating New Life for a Waterfront Home on Lake Cornelia

The homeowners loved the location of their waterfront property on Lake Cornelia. However, their home was dated and had a layout that no longer functioned for their family.




Originally, the intent was to remodel the existing home. However, after initial design meetings, the possibilities became limited due to city, watershed and floodplain setbacks and requirements.

The attention then turned to creating a new home that would give the homeowners a fresh start and allow for a better opportunity to fulfill their aspirations.

After creatively problem solving, reimagining the function and location of necessary spaces, careful planning, and working within the specific requirements, the project was approved.


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In order to capture the beautiful lake views from all areas of the home, floor to ceiling windows and doors are located at the rear of the home. Upon entering the home, attention is immediately directed towards the incredible scenery.

The main level, equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, mudroom, powder room, two owner’s bedrooms and bathrooms, a living room, dining area, and creative entryway integrated into the staircase, provides for an exceptional, and unique experience that is ideal for everyday living and entertaining.

Due to the building requirements for this home, it does not have a lower level. Instead, the functions and spaces that the homeowners would’ve used in their lower level, are designed for the upper level. 

An open living area, wetbarand hidden office, anchor a portion of the upper level designed for entertaining. Four large pocket doors, when opened, create a direct connection to the outdoors. Two bedrooms, two full bathrooms, flex room, storage and mechanical area, craft room and laundry room, maximize the functionality of the home and create a one-of-a-kind upper level.

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Replacing an existing home with a new custom home is an exciting experience. We have documented several major stages of this transformation, so follow along as we move through each step in the process – from demolition to completion! 


Complete demolition of an existing home may not be as simple as you think. We make sure that all utilities, fixtures, and appliances are completely disconnected and removed from the site, and silt fencing for erosion control is laid out across to the property. The large scale demolition involves excavation equipment to take apart the home piece by piece, and a second person to spray water on the rubble to cut down the amount of dust and particles the process creates. Lastly, the materials are then sorted and removed from the site to create room for the building process to begin.

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