Minneapolis Owner's Bathroom in Renovated Grain Elevator


The art of interior design and custom cabinetry is not without new and interesting challenges. In this owner's bathroom redesign, the Minneapolis home itself was a converted grain elevator and all of the rooms were round.

Located on the top floor, this bathroom gave us the opportunity to build in spectacular features. Taking care to work around the existing plumbing, we added a skylight to take advantage of natural light throughout the entire bathroom. The skylight also lights up the shower, which is six-feet round, has a spa-like feel and accommodates up to 2 people.

Long, tall mirrors work with long, hanging light fixtures to optimize the room lighting even more, and custom cabinets feature a curving design that mimics the harmony and flow of the round walls. And on top of the vanity, glass vessel sinks add quiet, modern elegance that matches the looks of glass tile flooring.

Redesigning an owner's bathroom is often an opportunity to dig deep and discover unique preferences in detail and design. Working within the specifications of a round structure presented new challenges, and we took the time to appreciate the nature and history itself, and create a design that truly celebrated it.

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