Minneapolis 1930s Apartment Unit Goes Big


When it comes to condo living, some people think you can only "go bigger" by starting over elsewhere. But here's a better idea: enlarge the space by combining multiple units into one. That's exactly what we did with this legendary 1930s Minneapolis co-op residence.

The vintage personality of this grand building shines through in its unique construction, which is incidentally well-matched by the Swedish Institute across the street. The 1930 building has retained much of its Art Deco charm. Its dignified grandeur inspired the homeowners and their own personal style of retro and contemporary. The updated space has a distinctive New York feel, with a nod to efficiency as well as contemporary, artistic furnishings and accents.

The galley kitchen island is a true attention-grabber with its Bombay chest island of decidedly modern African makore wood. Thedark contrasting woods and smooth granite top, along with the unique hardwood floors add energy and movement. Custom cabinetry makes optimal use of limited space, and the white-enameled finish creates an elegant framing around the era-appropriate cream and white backsplash tile.

Sitting and lounging options around the glass coffee table create an open invitation for coffee or catching up on the day. Don't let the small space fool you: there's a lot happening in this swanky kitchen and more than one way to appreciate the very clever design.

Kitchen interiors by Eastman Interiors.