Housing Day on Capital Hill

2019 Housing Day 

When you think of home builders and remodelers, you may not think of politics. It’s also pretty unlikely that you imagine tradespeople gathering together at the Capitol. It might seem unlikely, but that is exactly what happens every year at Housing Day at the Capitol organized by BATC-Housing First MN and Minnesota Association of Realtors. MA Peterson was proud to gather with our fellow industry professionals at this year’s event on March 4th.

We spent our morning attending a rally with all the event attendees where we heard more about the issues facing housing, specifically regulatory burdens placed on builders and remodelers by cities and the state. Minnesota carries one of the highest regulatory burdens in the country making it almost impossible to build an affordable home. Unfortunately, there is not one or two large regulations that we can have reassessed, but instead hundreds of fees on each home that add up to an unrealistic amount. 

Our afternoon was spent going to our scheduled appointments with our local representatives and senators. This is a really exciting opportunity as we find ourselves in front of the people who can truly make a difference for our business and our bottom line. As we were walking around the Capitol grounds we were also happy to see so many young professionals taking part in the event, as well as more women than we have seen in the past. It was also a great excuse to ogle the amazing architecture at the Capitol building. Our inner architecture geeks were loving it. 

Housing Day.jpg

We ended our day with a celebratory reception where we were able to connect with long-time industry friends and peers who we don’t often get to see. It is always fun to hear stories from other builders and remodelers who deal with the same challenges and have the same passions as we do here at MA Peterson. Overall, the consensus seemed to be that the event was a success and our legislators were open to supporting our issues when the time comes.

Great job to BATC-Housing First and MAR on a great event. We will be back next year!