Luxuries You Should Have in Your Home

The phrase “you can’t always get what you want” doesn’t apply here. In fact, when it comes to your home – the place you come home to relax after a long day – you should have exactly what you want. Whether you’re building a home, remodeling, or dreaming of your future home, here are the luxuries you should have in your home.



Game Time

Invite your friends over for a friendly game of basketball on your sport court, without waiting for your time at the gym. It doesn’t stop with basketball – volleyball, roller hockey, and pickle ball are sports the whole family can participate. Whether you choose to build indoor or outdoor, there’s never a dull moment on the court.

Spa Bathrooms

Gone are the days where you have to leave the house in order to have a spa experience. Many homeowners are wanting to create a top-notch luxury bathroom with head-to-toe jets, steam, and built-in speakers. Let’s not forget the touch screen mirror that doubles as a TV. There are many products that you can incorporate into your next remodel to allow the ultimate spa experience at home.


Outdoor Living

There’s nothing like outdoor living in Minnesota, especially during the summer months. Creating an outdoor space for lounging and entertaining is a must. When it’s beautiful out, it can be difficult to move indoors, so it’s no surprise how well outdoor kitchens have taken off. Including prep space with a sink, grill, or a refrigerator makes entertaining friends and family much easier – except for when the bugs come out. You can still enjoy the outdoors with Phantom Screens, which allow you to roll the screen up or down as you choose. Additionally, having a covered patio with a fireplace to cozy up to really sets a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for all.

Custom Closets

Closet space can be an issue in many homes, and can be a deal breaker for home buying. Finding enough room to store your clothes, shoes and other accessories can be frustrating in older homes with limited closets. Having a large walk in closet, or a his and hers, with plenty of space for shoes is vital for luxury living. Step it up one by customizing closet shelving to fit your needs.

Upscale Kitchens

Kitchens are where we prep family meals, entertain friends, eat and more. Whether the kitchen space you own is spacious or small, it’s important to make sure the space is used as smart as possible with custom cabinets and clever built-ins. Adding the space for a built-in coffee system and other pantry items leaves your countertops clean and open. Adding top-notch stainless steel appliances along with your custom cabinets not only eases your life, but also make a huge luxurious statement. Bet you've never seen this before.

Our Minnesota summer months go by so soon and we find ourselves back into the cold of fall and winter. Many homeowners opt out of having carpet in the home, but hardwood and tile flooring can really give you the chills. Installing in-floor heating is perfect for keeping your guests happy and warm.


Entertaining at Home

Forget the hassle of going to the movie theater with friends and invite them to your home theater. Comfort, lighting and sound control are all under your watch. You can install a projector and drop-down screen in a casual open room that you can hide when not in use or create a full-on experience in a dedicated cinema space. 

Nothing says luxury more than having a dedicated entertaining space such as a wine cellar and home bar. Game day already? Turn on the TV and have your friends over to watch the game at your home bar. Whether collecting wine is a hobby, investment or storage for dinner parties, guests will enjoy the conversation and fun brought on by friends. Cheers!

Your Smart Home

Technology is amazing, and to see the endless possibilities for which one can incorporate it into our home can be mind-blowing. While smart home capabilities are still at the beginning of their existence, adding smart products gives a sense of luxury and modern chicness to any homeowner. You may want to auto-program your lights to turn on while on vacation to give the presence that someone is home. Or you can save on your energy bills by programming your smart thermostat to ease up on the energy use when no one is around. Needing to check on your home? Use your smart home security system that you can monitor through an app. The best part is all of this can be done through your smartphone. PC Magazine has products laid out to find what you need.


You can create luxury in your home in any way you seem fit for your family and your lifestyle. However, adding these luxurious features can positively impact your home value as well as the way you live.