Trending: Pocket & Sliding Doors

You see them all over: sliding and pocket doors used to separate spaces. The trend of pocket doors was commonly seen as early as the mid 1800’s, using V-rollers along the bottom of the door. The issue with this system is that when floors shifted or sagged, the doors became noisy and challenging to use. A new system was created in the 1880s by moving the track and hardware system to the top of the door, which proved to be a better solution.

Pocket doors were commonly used in Victorian homes to close off sitting rooms, parlors, and even in Thomas Jefferson’s 1780’s home to separate the dining room from the tea room.

Even though pocket doors have been around longer than you think, there’s nothing old-fashioned about their functionality. Mark Peterson agrees that while there’s a timeworn negative reputation of pocket doors jumping off the track and having jittery operation, the space-saving abilities of pocket and sliding doors are unmatched. A minor downside to using pocket doors for private spaces (such as bathrooms) is due to the way they sit on their tracks causes them to not seal as securely as a conventional door. However, more homeowners are choosing to use pocket and sliding doors for rooms to close off by choice.

All things aside, let’s get down to the reason why pocket and sliding doors are trending. Pocket doors are a perfect solution for a snug bathroom where the wall space simply isn't there to accommodate a full swinging door, or a laundry room in the hallway. The space-saving feature can save you an average of ten square feet by reducing the obstruction of a swinging door.

In a recent blog, our Lead CAD Designer, Brandon Merrill, shared his excitement of incorporating a historic wooden door for a sliding door in his newly custom-built home by MA Peterson. Using sliding doors, adding charm is simple by using hardware accents and finishes.

Whether modern or traditional craftsman, pocket and sliding doors are a sneaky detail to enjoy daily and show off on your own parade of home tour. One thing we know is that this trend isn’t going away.