MA Peterson's Design Here, Build Anywhere Program

You have gone through a very successful and enjoyable remodeling experience here in town, and now your attention turns to your second home. You would love to have this home (cabin, condominium, vacation property home) remodeled as well; but where do you start to find the right people in that particular area/town to do the work? Well look no further than MA Peterson’s Design Here, Build Anywhere program. Although currently and historically taken advantage by our MA Peterson past clients, anyone can experience the same great level of creative design, comprehensive process, unmatched craftsmanship and end result for their out-of-town home.

brainerd lakes cabin


Regardless of the location, we can take the talents and abilities of our hard working & passionate team and apply them to all of our projects. We have successfully worked with a number of homeowners to remodel their second home providing the same high level of service and creativity and craftsmanship that are hallmarks of working with MA Peterson.

We have worked with clients in remodeling their second homes from as close as the Brainerd Lakes area, to as far as the Grand Caymans. “This process was born out of people wanting our expertise beyond the Minneapolis area” says Dave Peterson, head of the Remodel division at MA Peterson. “Because their lives are here and their second homes are not, we take special care to treat our out-of-state projects with the same level of craftsmanship & talent that you would expect from any of our project here in Minnesota.”



A successful project doesn’t matter where your site is located, it simple needs to incorporate the same elements. All MA Peterson remodeling and new build sites include the same strong and efficient formula:

  • Great creative design
  • Detailed planning and scheduling 
  • Open communication – with the client as well as the entire team
  • Selection of all your finishes is timely and managed proficiently 
  • Attention to detail at all levels of the project
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Follow-up and warranty services



At MA Peterson, we provide the convenience of providing all of these services seamlessly from your local home so you can spend your time dreaming of your getaway property.

No matter the size of the project, the scope, or whether its in-state or out-of-state, MA can transform any living space into a home.

Visit our galleries to see more of our work. Call us for your home remodeling and new build project – whether it’s here or afar. (952) 925-9455.