Kitchen Trends for 2017

As we welcome in the New Year, its time to look at the brand new trends that will transform your kitchen. With each New Year come new products and styles and today we want to tell you about the five biggest trends this year. So if you’ve been putting off renovating your kitchen in 2016, we are a few trends that could dramatically change your home in 2017:


Open Shelving

Take your coffee cups and plates out of their hibernation in your cabinets and use open shelving to easily find everything you need to serve a tasty meal. So many people these days enjoy cooking as a family or with friends; open shelving makes it much easier to find your way around a shared kitchen.


Seamless Flooring

Since the kitchen is the main intersection for the traffic in your home, don't break it up by using a different material or finish for your floors. Keep your flooring consistent in adjoining rooms to keep the look and feel of the most important part of your home. The more open your kitchen feels, the more likely you will find feet skidding to a halt in your kitchen eager to see what you are preparing for dinner.


Stainless, Simple

What's not to love about stainless steel fixtures? It's simple, easy to clean, reflects light in pleasing ways and will transform your kitchen into a 5-star restaurant. If you are planning to give your kitchen a refreshed look, try incorporating stainless steel for a simple but elegant feel.

   Control your Lighting

Click on the image to check out LIFX, a powerful LED bulb that gives you the power to change the settings to match your mood all from your smartphone.

Click on the image to check out LIFX, a powerful LED bulb that gives you the power to change the settings to match your mood all from your smartphone.

Whether you're making breakfast or staring out the window at the stars, nothing control the mood of a room more than the light that fills it. With all the amazing technology that fills our lives, it can be difficult to choose one option that can give you control over the mood in your home. However, when it comes to kitchen space, make sure you have lighting that you can choose to dim the lights to enjoy a romantic dinner for two, or set the mood for entertaining a large crowd.



Turn your Kitchen into a Living Room

By nature, both the living room and the kitchen are intended to be communal. So it makes sense to make your kitchen just as comfortable, warm and inviting as your living room feels. Treat the decor of your kitchen as you would your living room by using interesting rugs and light fixtures to bring conversation and light into your main spaces.

Whatever your ambitions are for your home in the New Year, your kitchen is an important part of your home. A meaningful chance to the look and feel of your kitchen is a meaningful change to the rest of your home and the people who live there.


If you are considering or already planning to redesign and improve your kitchen, or to simply at some updated trends for 2017, contact MA Peterson Design Build to talk to our creative and talented team.