Trending: Midcentury Home Design


It seems ever since Mad Men debuted, the mid-century modern trend has been in full swing. From furniture designs of a West Elm catalog to sleek Apple products, mid-century modern is seen all around us. Mid-century modern home designs are celebrated through the greats such as Frank Lloyd Wright, Charles and Ray Eames, and our very own Ralph Rapson. The mid-century modern movement peeked in the 50's, but began in the 40’s and lasted into the 70’s. While the style has been around for decades, it’s only recently that young home buyers are adopting the mid-century modern style with fresh approaches to renovating without tearing down these mid-century gems.


For instance, take our homeowner and interior designer of BeDe Design, Michelle Fries, and her husband, David who reached out to lead designer and founder, Mark Peterson, of MA Peterson to take on the large project of remodeling the interior and exterior, as well as an addition, to their newly-purchased Edina home. The home was built in the late 1940s and had been updated over the years, yet there was a lot of remodel potential to make the home fit their personality and need for ease and simplicity, without losing the unique character.


Tabor Group Landscape envisioned the exterior privacy screen to blend with the mid-century design while Michelle Fries of BeDe Design took charge of the interiors. 


The kitchen was previously filled with dark cabinetry and countertops, leaving the space closed in and small. Trademark Wood Products replaced the cabinetry with Grey Tabriz Greenlam, and the countertops with marble – making this now bright and edgy space a room to show off. Not far from view is the sunroom, where the space looks as hip as it did in its day. The bright light from the wide windows brings in energy, while leaving you feeling tied with nature. The vaulted ceiling gives that light ample room to fill the space with warmth – a great place for reading or conversation.

The largest of the home renovation was the addition, complete with a sport court. The homeowner’s own childhood memories were carried into the design of the space, giving it a fun, vintage feel. Above the sport court is the master suite, complete with a private screened porch and fireplace – a great place to cozy up and enjoy cool spring nights. The master suite bathroom offers the perfect mix of sophistication and minimalism, all while keeping in tune with the mid-century style. Touches of modern design and lighting give this bathroom a sleek and clean design.


Tabor Group Landscape created the backyard retreat that was perfect for entertainment, both day and night. 


The mid-century modern design was ahead of the times, with open concept living and the indoor-outdoor feel many love and want to this day. To complete the outdoor space, MA Peterson brought in Tabor Group Landscape to carry out the modern feel, as well as staying in tune with the indoor-outdoor living style that is true to mid-century modern designs. The standing seam roof is an Englert metal roof in Galvalume, which is designed to look like old galvanized barn roofs, yet in this tranquil suburban setting, the mixture of the metal and natural elements are a perfect fit. Our homeowner’s were left with the perfect place to entertain guests.

With an amazing home renovation like this, your biggest decision at the end of the day is left to ‘shaken or stirred’?