Exploring Your Options - Custom Build vs. Remodeling


The phrase “custom home building” can be difficult to define.  For many it’s just another way of describing remodeling and, in some respects, they are correct. 

In this blog, we will explore what custom home building is, and more importantly, what value this provides you as the homeowner over simple remodeling, and the advantages of custom building.


1.      Uniqueness


A huge advantage to custom home building is how it showcases your tastes and preferences. Custom building gives a homeowner the flexibility to mold their project to fit their family’s needs and desires. 

If a homeowner desires a budget-friendly project, a custom home builder can modify the scope of a project to include only the critical elements without compromising the design.  If watching their carbon footprint or becoming more energy efficient is a concern for a homeowner, a custom home builder can determine specifics such as:

  • What items are going in landfills & what materials can be reused?
  • What materials can be used to lessen costs and save energy?

No matter the scope or budget, a homeowner with a custom built home will have something that is unique to their desires and needs.


2.      Design

A unique home always starts with the design.  Even though interior designers assist with the furnishings and colors inside the home, a great design will properly utilize the structural aspects of the home.

Many design elements can be applied to everything from an interior remodel to a custom home build. Those design elements include:

  • Uniqueness of Lot (size, shape, angle, position of home on lot and position of sun during the day, etc.)
  • Surrounding Homes (tying your home into the style of your neighborhood)
  • Architectural Style of the Home ( i.e. Tudor vs. Contemporary)
  • Adjacent Rooms (wine cellar next to a mechanical room; music room next to an infant’s bedroom)
  • Specialty Rooms (rooms that have a specific purpose in your home; i.e. Indoor Sport Court)
  • Walls (adding or removing), Ceilings & Light Fixtures
  • Custom Cabinetry & Millwork (same style and wood finishes match throughout the home)
  • Soft Wood vs. Hard Wood Flooring (the ability for flooring to resist higher than usual wear-and-tear)

Taking all the listed elements into consideration will not only speed up the design portion of your project but bring together all the pieces seamlessly. 

3.      Longevity

For many of us, the most important question when facing a home remodel is “What does it cost to buy into this project?”  This could be anything from money spent in construction to the time of the project and how it affects the homeowner.

When choosing custom home building, some of the advantages a homeowner can earn are;

  • Fine detail of custom cabinets
  • Matching finishes and cabinetry in rest of the home
  • How the remodeling changes fit with existing mechanicals (electrical, plumbing, etc.)
  • Spend less on fixing errors and enjoy your new home more
  • Adding lasting value that’s attractive to the housing market

Installing custom-made products into your home doesn’t only tie your home together, it allows you to invest in the longevity of the features of your home remodel.  You’ll be adding the right features that will foster lasting enjoyment in your home for years to come.   


4.      Lifestyle

Custom means different things for different people, but the purpose of building a custom home is to form a living space that’s unique to YOU.  How well your designer translates your lifestyle into a unique & functional design depends on your level of involvement in the design process.

Home remodels, regardless of scope or size, require tight communication between builder & homeowners.  However, in custom home building, there’s a level of collaboration that needs to be present to make something truly special.

A project’s success all starts in choosing the right contractor.

Finding a custom home builder who asks the right questions & fosters an atmosphere of collaboration; will make the custom home building far easier & the end result will be         everything you want & more.