2016 Chrysalis Awards - National & Regional Winner


MA Peterson is thrilled to announce that we've been selected as the winner of two 2016 Chrysalis Awards for Remodeling Excellence. The entries were judged on overall design, the creative use of space and materials, and the degree to which the project enhanced the original structure.

The first was the Regional Award received in the category of Bathroom Remodel. Prior to the remodel, the master bathroom was poorly designed with disjointed spaces. MA Peterson reconfigured the bathroom and closet leading to it to create more space by combining two baths into one. With creative thinking, renovation and durable finishes, this owner's suite bathroom now shines a bright, hip vibe that was not originally well thought out or functional.

The second was the National Award received in the category of Residential Insurance Renovation. The original structure had been destroyed by fire. The challenge to this project was the location - ninety feet below the main home. Access to rebuilding was completed by a newly-configured pontoon boat. Despite the hillside location, DNR and city regulations, unpredicted weather, and our owner's requests, MA Peterson successfully completed the project, resulting in a beautiful multi-level steel structure perfect for entertaining friends or enjoying with family.

The Chrysalis Awards began in 1993. The awards recognize work in fifteen general categories of residential and commercial remodeling. Pictures of the 2016 award-winning projects can be seen the beginning of June on Chrysalis' website, www.chrysalisawards.com.