8 Spring Home Maintenance Repairs


The snow is quickly melting and spring is just around the corner. That means it’s time to think of the to-do list for spring and summer. We’ve pulled together eight tips that will not only enhance the appearance of your home, but will add to the overall investment of your home.


1. Roof & Gutters

Check your roof for missing or cracked shingles or any other needing repair to avoid any future water damage. If your gutters are filled with leaves from the fall, now is the time to clear those gutters to prevent water backing up and spilling over near your home foundation.

2. Windows

While giving the windows a good cleaning to allow that warm sun to shine in, make sure you check for any chips or cracks, and that your screens are secured to keep the bugs out! Also check if any caulk needs replacing to avoid any water leaks (this goes for doors, too!). If your windows are old and needing repair, start budgeting for new energy-efficient windows to save with A/C costs this summer.

3. Paint, Stain & Siding

Winter weather can ice cause paint and stain on siding, trim or deck to peel. Siding paint and stain isn’t just for the appearance of your home; it’s also to protect. If you could use new siding, now is the time to budget for repairs. If you need a few touch ups, you can power wash any debris from vinyl or aluminum siding, which can stain your siding over time.

4. Insulation

Was it a little draftier this past winter in your home? Were your heating bills higher than usual? It may be time to add insulation in your attic, which you’ll want to do before it gets unbearable with summer heat. This can also help with any ice dams you may have noticed over the winter, which can lead to your roof and water damage.

5. Concrete Walkways & Foundation

Take a short walk around your home to check for any cracking or shifting of walkways or patios, and take a good look at your foundation. If you see any cracks, you can fix these with filler. We recommend using a sealant, as well. All exterior concrete slabs (except for pool decks) should drain away from the foundation of the home. To fix any foundation concerns or issues, you can contact us and we can discuss the repairs.

6. Water Damage

Did you notice any water damage or leaking as the snow melted? If you did, now is the time to get it taken care of- and quickly! Water damage can lead to mold and cause major health concerns, and if not fixed can lead to big (ahem, expensive) repair bills. If you’re concerned about water in your home, don’t hesitate to call us immediately at (952) 925-9455.


7. Deck and Porch Repair

Check your deck for boards that need repair, as well as the supports and any loose railing. Make sure you check this before you have any large gathering on your deck, especially if your deck is higher up.

8. Driveway

Over time, the freeze and thaw cycle can do a good amount of damage to an asphalt driveway, and the cracks need to be filled or they’ll get worse. Blacktop driveways should be seal-coated every two years, and high sun exposed driveways may need sealcoating applied yearly. If you’re thinking to update your driveway, consider pavers or concrete… and heated!


If you notice any issues with your home, please reach out to MA Peterson to discuss your concern or project. We handle everything from home maintenance repairs to small and large remodels to custom home builds. Our RefreshRepair division works with your insurance company to see you through these types of headaches. We have extensive experience with water damage and working directly with insurance companies to make sure your home is restored back to its original condition and quality.